We’ve had the privilege of providing design services to Belmont Trolley to further support bringing this nostalgic piece of history back to life. The Belmont Trolley organization is a local nonprofit with a mission to bring this historic transportation service back to historic Belmont, NC to help further revitalize the area and create greater civic interaction.

Along with the trolley service, we’ve led the design of the Trolley Barn Car House which is needed to house these historic time capsules. The vintage space will not only house the cars themselves but will also serve as a museum, event and social gathering space for our community partners and residence.

Restoring trolley service could draw more tourists and development – Rob Pressley: Belmont Trolley Board President

We’re thrilled to learn the Belmont Trolley group will potentially be gaining two more historic Trolleys from Charlotte.

Thanks to WFAE for the COVERAGE of the historic revitalization effort in Belmont, NC.

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